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I miss you.
What else can i say?
I miss you and lately it seems like you’re miles away.
And you’re having drinks with your friends tonight.
But i wish you were here.
I wish you were lying next to me in bed
and i wish that we could stay up all night like we used to.
And just talk about anything and everything.
But lately you get home and you’re always “tired”
And it shouldn’t hurt my feelings
only it does.
And i shouldn’t get mad at you for it
only i do.
Some days there is so much i need to tell you
but you get home and you’re “tired.”
And on saturdays you get home late and there is no time to call to say goodnight because you’re tired.
Now you’re always tired.
So I go to bed and you text me goodnight,
but I go to sleep crying.
Because i miss you,
but theres no time to talk to me… and you’re “tired”
only I’m tired too.
Lately it seems like you’re miles away (via beautifullytragicloveaffair)
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